Garry Kousoulou

Garry Kousoulou is an inspiring motivational speaker who specialises in being a marketing and business entrepreneur


Shortlisted for Digital/e-commerce Business of the Year 2020. Embrace digital disruption – changes in consumer behavior, how will they impact on the business Loving social media was born from a love of digital communication and the passion for guerrilla marketing over 15 years ago I discovered Myspace and then Facebook. They did wonders for my optical business in then evolved for me doing friends social media then hiring an apprentice her salary was covered for all the friends and colleagues social media. In 2019 the opticians (Goodlooking Optics) that I owned merged with another optician the merge didn’t go perfectly and there was a conflict so I decided to completely devote myself to loving social media. in January of 2019 I sold all the customers of loving social media in preparation for this big merge which I then regretted. today loving social media has 24 clients a pure passion of getting your website optimised the Page 1 with a joined-up approach using social PPC And SEO Like all self-respecting digital companies, we know that we are always learning because things are always changing!



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